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Terms of admission of documents and entrance examinations to graduate school.

  • Reception of documents is held from July 01 to August 31;
  • The entrance tests are held from September 1 to September 30 in accordance with the schedule approved by the Director General.

Required documents for admission to graduate school.

  • Application for admission to the graduate school in the name of the general director (the form can be obtained from the postgraduate department)
  • Personal sheet on personnel registration (the form is issued in the department of postgraduate study)
  • A copy of the (uncertified) diploma of higher education)
  • Copy (uncertified) Diploma Supplement
  • 3 photos size 3x4
  • Review of the proposed supervisor on the essay on the chosen specialty with a differentiated assessment (the form is issued in the postgraduate department)

Passport and diploma from the university are presented in person.

In graduate school are accepted and trained in areas of higher education - training of highly qualified personnel for training programs for scientific and pedagogical personnel (the so-called "enlarged areas").

Theses for the degree of candidate of science are prepared and defended by the specialties of scientific workers. Duration of training in the field of specialty is 3 years (full-time education) and 4 years (correspondence form of education).

The list of areas of training in graduate school FSUE "VNIIFTRI"

  Code of the direction of training Name of the direction of training Specialities of science workers, code
   12.06.01 Photonics, instrument making, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies  Acoustic devices and systems 05.11.06

Instruments and methods for monitoring the natural environment, substances, materials and products 05.11.13

   06.27.01  Management in technical systems   

Metrology and metrological support 05.11.15


Entrance tests for admission to graduate school include: entrance examinations in the specialty, foreign language, philosophy, protection of the abstract in the chosen specialty.

Persons who pass the candidate minimum examinations before entering graduate school are exempt from the relevant entrance exams.

The abstract presented by the prospective supervisor entering the graduate school should serve as qualification work, which is the result of all the preliminary training in the chosen direction of the future dissertation, and testify to the accumulation of significant scientific background. The topic of the thesis should be determined by the prospective supervisor no later than 3 months before the planned admission to graduate school.

The abstract should include a bibliographic review in the direction of work, the formulation of the purpose of the future study, the formulation of the problem, indicating the scientific novelty and practical significance, the development of methods for performing the theoretical part of the thesis. Preparation of the essay demonstrates the effectiveness of the use of the supervisor and the incoming preliminary preparation period, allows you to more specifically plan the work of the graduate student from the first days after his enrollment in graduate school, avoiding wasting time on buildup and clarifying issues related to the dissertation research.

Abstract volume up to 30 computer print sheets (Times New Roman, 12 pt, line spacing - 1.5).

Programs of entrance examinations for applicants for training in training programs for scientific and pedagogical personnel in the postgraduate course of FSUE “VNIIFTRI”

  • Programs of entrance examinations in a special discipline
  • Acoustic devices and systems (05.11.06)
  • Instruments and methods for measuring ionizing radiation and X-ray devices (05.11.10)
  • Instruments and methods for monitoring the natural environment, substances, materials and products (05.11.13)
  • Metrology and metrological support (11/05/15)
  • Philosophy Entrance Test Program
  • The program of entrance test in a foreign language

Forms of entrance examinations - the exam.

Forms of entrance examinations for foreign citizens - an interview.

Information about the entrance examinations using distance learning technologies is not provided.

Features of the entrance examinations for citizens with disabilities.

Citizens with disabilities at admission to graduate school pass entrance examinations, taking into account the peculiarities of psychophysical development, individual capabilities and health status. At the same time, they are provided with a separate audience with the number of examinees of not more than 6 people; the presence of an assistant providing the necessary assistance is permitted; upon the written application of applicants submitted prior to the beginning of the entrance examinations, the duration of the entrance tests can be increased, but not more than by 1.5 hours; it is allowed to use the necessary technical means, taking into account individual peculiarities.

Information about the number of places in the hostel for nonresident applicants is not provided.

Information about e-mail addresses for sending documents is not provided.

The control digits of admission for each direction of the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school is not provided.

The number of places of reception in each area of ​​training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school under contracts for the provision of paid educational services - according to the results of the competition.

Rules for filing and consideration of appeals based on the results of entrance examinations.

According to the results of the admission test, the applicant has the right to submit to the appeal commission a written appeal statement about the violation, in his opinion, of the established procedure for conducting the test and (or) disagreement with his (their) results (hereinafter - the appeal).

The appeal is filed by the applicant in person the day after the announcement of the assessment of the admission test. The admissions office ensures that appeals are received throughout the day. Consideration of appeals is held on the day following the filing of the appeal by the applicants. When considering an appeal, members of the examination committee are eligible to attend. The applicant must have with him a document proving his identity.

The result of the appeal is the decision of the Appeals Commission.

Mailing address for sending the documents required for admission to the postgraduate school of FSUE "VNIIFTRI"

141570, Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, urban settlement Mendeleevo, FSUE "VNIIFTRI", graduate school.