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Transportable hydrogen quantum clock PKVCH-M «SAPFIR»

Transportable hydrogen quantum clock PKVCH-M «SAPFIR»
Transportable hydrogen quantum clock PKVCH-M «SAPFIR»
Designed for
  • time scale comparison of geographically dispersed objects;
  • time scale formation and storage;
  • precision signal formation with frequencies 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 100 MHz.
540руб.(объем 125 см 3)
765руб.(объем 270 см 3)

The transportable hydrogen quantum clock, developed by VNIIFTRI, is based on a small-sized active hydrogen generator with a storage vessel made of single-crystal leucosapphire.

Small-sized, cost-effective, has high metrological characteristics, can function in harsh operating conditions, transportation by all means of transport in working condition is possible.

measuring the difference of time scales of spatially separated standards of time located at a distance of up to 1000 km with an error of not more than 2 ns;

measuring the frequency of the reference signals of remote standards, as well as determining the instability parameters of their frequencies and spectral characteristics of the signals;

storage of a time scale and a source of reference precision signal at mobile and stationary objects.

100 MHz

RH = 50 Ohm

U rms = (1,0 ± 0,2) V

10 MHz

5 MHz

1 Hz  


Positive polarity pulses,
RH = 50 Ohm

Um = 3,5 V

tИ=10 µs

τф = 3 ns
Output frequency tuning range ±1·10-9 with step 1·10-15


1 s


10 s


100 s


1000 s


3600 s


24 h


Error of storage of a time scale during transportation time of 24 h and running time of 12 h

not more than 2 ns
Operating temperature range +(5÷40)°С
Temperature frequency coefficient TFC ≤ 3•10-15 1/К
Frequency magnetic coefficient FMC ≤ 4•10-15 1/Э
Electric power supply:
from AC mains by voltage 100÷240 V (48 - 440 Hz)
from DC mains by voltage 10 ÷ 36 V
Consumed power:
when warming up and charging the battery not more than 200 Wt
in a heated state (at + 20 °С) not more than 100 Wt
Independent operation time from accumulator battery not less than 3 hours
Weight 75 kg

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