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For the first time in Russia VNIIFTRI specialists certified the testing complex in accordance with the latest international standards

20 September 2021

Moscow Region, September 20, 2021 - For the first time in Russia VNIIFTRI specialists have certified a semi-anechoic shielded chamber * in accordance with the requirements of the international standard CISPR 25 **. The certified testing complex belongs to FBU "URALTEST", and is used, including, for testing the electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. The results of the tests carried out in the complex will be recognized as reliable at the international level. This specifically refers to tests for electromagnetic compatibility of electronic components installed on vehicles with an internal combustion engine (wheeled transport, trailers, motor boats, etc.).

“For the first time in Russia, the Institute's specialists have carried out measurements of the parameters of the magnetic field in accordance with the requirements of Appendix J of the European standard CISPR 25. The test results of technical equipment carried out in the certified complex will be considered reliable not only in Russia, but also in Europe. This will contribute to the expansion of the geography of the use of Russian-made products and the development of new markets”, - Ivan Malay, Deputy General Director for Radio Engineering and Electromagnetic Measurements, commented on the work.

For certification of a semi-anechoic shielded chamber, VNIIFTRI experts have developed specialized equipment, software for controlling measurement instruments and processing measurement results, and also specially developed and implemented a procedure for measuring the equivalent electric field strength generated in the working area of ​​the chamber.

The measurements were carried out using the “Ling Line” (Long Wire Antenna Method): a specially designed by the institute’s specialists “reference antenna” with known characteristics was placed in the working area of ​​an anechoic chamber to measure the characteristics of the magnetic field strength.

The certification of the test complex confirms the possibility of ensuring the necessary conditions for the tests carried out in it for the electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment in accordance with international standards, and is one of the main conditions for recognizing the quality of the tested products, in the international market as well.

The unique technical base and high qualifications of VNIIFTRI specialists allow us to carry out the widest range of metrological works, the results of which are recognized not only at the national but also at the international level.

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