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IX International Symposium "Metrology of Time and Space"

IX International Symposium "Metrology of Time and Space"

The symposium took place on September 12-15, 2018 Location: Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, Mendeleevo, boarding house «Morozovka».

The event is held regularly once every 2 years.

The task of the symposium is to improve the means and methods of reproduction, storage and transmission of time, frequency and length, metrological support in the field of time and frequency measurements.

The symposium program contains scientific and technical directions: services and standards of time and frequency, global navigation satellite systems, measuring instruments of time, frequency and length, and their application.

Among the scientific reports, the following topics and questions were considered: State primary standard of time and frequency of the Russian Federation: state and prospects of development, time-frequency and coordinate measurements in GLONASS; world time service, international time scales and their comparisons, precision frequency standards on cold atoms and ions; means of comparison of reference signals of time and frequency, estimation of random instability by time and frequency; nuclear frequency standards, mobile frequency standards, modern space duplex communication systems;

research in the field of timescale transmission; current state of precision quartz frequency stabilization in relation to the tasks of time-frequency support; new results on the system of transmission of time and frequency over a fiber-optic network; immediate determination of the parameters of the Earth’s rotation, method for assessing the accuracy characteristics of GNSS equipment, including on the basis of assisting technologies using measurements of the Earth’s gravitational field gravimeters.

The speakers of the symposium traditionally included reputable Russian and international experts. The reports were made by leading experts of Rosstandart, Roscosmos, RAS, VNIIFTRI, BIPM, PTB, NIST, etc.

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