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Voltage standard MN-3М

Voltage standard MN-3М
Voltage standard MN-3М

Designed for

storing and transmitting the size of a unit of DC voltage at the level of 1.018 V and 10 V from the standards including based on the Josephson effect to measuring instruments or working standards of 1, 2, 3 categories according to GOST 8.027-2001.

Applied in metrology of a constant electric voltage as a working standard.

Output voltages 1,018 V; 10 V
Output voltage instability, for 1 year

1,5 · 10-6 rel. unit – for 1st category

5 · 10-6 – rel. unit. for 2nd category

Independent operation time not less than 48 h
Dimensions 200 × 300 × 270 mm
Weight not more than 8 kg

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