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VNIIFTRI took part in the revision of international standards

27 June 2023

Moscow region, June 27, 2023 – A specialist of the Russian Metrological Institute of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering (VNIIFTRI) of Rosstandart took part in a meeting of the working group of the subcommittee "Hardness Tests" of the ISO Technical Committee "Testing of Metals". At the meeting international standards that are widely used in such areas as the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, energy and other industries have been reviewed.

 "VNIIFTRI is the head metrological institute in the field of ensuring the uniformity of hardness measurements. Cooperation with ISO makes it possible to consider national interests as much as possible when developing international standards in this area, promote Russian standards as international, apply international standards as the basis for developing national ones and provide conditions for direct application of international standards in the Russian Federation," says Andrey Aslanyan, Head of the laboratory 360 at the FSUE “VNIIFTRI”.

At the meeting of the working group, the standards ISO 14577-2 (regulating the verification and calibration of hardness testers) and ISO 14577-3 (regulating the calibration of hardness measurements) were discussed. The main changes concerned the clarification of the procedure for calibrating hardness testers according to hardness measures and the requirements for uniformity of hardness measures.

 The planned date for the implementation of the revised standards is 2024.

 The area of activity of the ISO 164 technical subcommittee 3 is the standardization of hardness testing methods, including verification and calibration of equipment used to determine the hardness of metals.

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