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Research department of metrology of radio engineering and electromagnetic measurements (NIO-1)

Radio anechoic chamber

The Department of Metrology of Radio Engineering and Electromagnetic Radiation (NIO-1) is a structural subdivision of FSUE «VNIIFTRI», executing works in the field of measurement of the magnetic field characteristics and development of modern scientific and technical base for metrological support of radio electronics.

The main functions of the department:

  • Development, improvement, storage and application of state standards of units of quantities characterizing the radio-frequency electromagnetic field.
  • Implementation of fundamental and applied research, development and engineering works in the field of metrology, provided for by the thematic plan of the institute.
  • Carrying out state tests, certification of measuring instruments and technical means according to the parameters of electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Transfer of sizes of units from state standards, verification and calibration of measuring instruments.
  • Development and improvement of regulatory documents ensuring the uniformity of measurements.
  • Metrological examination of draft regulatory documents, proposals, programs, plans for the implementation of a unified scientific and technological policy in the field of metrological support in the fixed types of measurements, as well as assistance in their implementation. Participation in the accreditation of metrological services of legal entities.
  • Participation in comparisons of state standards with national standards of other countries and development of international documents.

Key objectives of NIO-1:

  • Conducting theoretical and experimental research and developments in the field of metrology of electromagnetic radio frequency measurements by the types of measurements assigned to FSUE «VNIIFTRI»:
    • microwave power, voltage and their relationship in the paths;
    • electric and magnetic field strengths, electromagnetic energy flux density, brightness temperatures;
    • antenna parameters and scattering characteristics of objects and materials;
    • parameters of the form, spectrum and modulation of radio frequency signals.
  • Maintenance and development of state standards of units of radio engineering and electromagnetic quantities, as well as development of secondary and working standards of units of these quantities.
  • Development of methods and means of transferring the sizes of units of radio engineering and magnetic quantities from standards to working measuring instruments.
  • Carrying out intrastate and international comparisons of standards.
  • Development and production of measuring devices and systems.
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