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Research department "Main metrological center of the state service of time, frequency and determination of the earth rotation parameters" (MMC SSTF) (NIO-7)

The research department «Main Metrological Center of the State Service of Time, Frequency and Determination of the Earth Rotation Parameters» (MMC SSTF) (NIO-7) is a structural subdivision of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» performing works in the field of metrological support of time-frequency measurements and forming the national time scale UTC (SU).

The main functions of the department:

  • implementation of scientific and technical activities to ensure the continuous functioning and development of technical means and systems of the State Service of Time and Frequency;
  • reproduction and storage of the sizes of units of time — second, frequency — hertz and the national time scale of the Russian Federation on the basis of the standards used by the State Service of Time and Frequency;
  • determination and forecasting of absolute values of universal time (UT1), coordinates of the Earth’s poles (X, Y) and increments in the length of the day on the basis of information obtained at observing points for the parameters of the Earth’s rotation (PER);
  • continuous provision of the country’s needs for reference signals of frequency and time via radio and television channels, satellite navigation systems, as well as information on the parameters of the Earth’s rotation via agreed communication channels;
  • metrological control of reference signals of frequency and time transmitted by Russian and foreign technical means and systems;
  • providing consumers with reference data from the State Service of Time and Frequency;
  • analysis and forecasting of requirements for the characteristics of reference signals of frequency and time, parameters of the Earth’s rotation, transmitted by the State Service of Time and Frequency, as well as for the promptness of their delivery to consumers;
  • participation in international cooperation, representation of the country’s interests on issues of the State Service of Time and Frequency in international organizations and implementation of international contracts of the Russian Federation in the field of uniformity of measurements of time, frequency and parameters of the Earth’s rotation;
  • organizational and methodological guideline and coordination of works in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements of time, frequency and parameters of the Earth's rotation;
  • maintenance of specialized buildings, structures, power supply systems, precision air conditioning systems, protection against external disturbances, fire safety, communication facilities and other infrastructure facilities to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the SSTF;
  • carrying out research and development works to improve the reference base, technical means for determining the parameters of the Earth’s rotation and the system for transmitting reference signals of frequency and time;
  • metrological studies and certification of secondary and working standards of time and frequency; verification and calibration of measuring instruments; conducting tests for the purpose of type approval and certification of technical means for measuring time, frequency and parameters of the Earth’s rotation.

Key objectives of NIO-7:

  • meeting the country’s needs for legalized information on the precise time, reference frequencies and rotation parameters of the Earth;
  • carrying out scientific, technical and metrological activities on:
    • determination, reproduction and storage of the sizes of units of time, frequency, national time scale and parameters of the Earth’s rotation in order to meet the country’s needs in the current values of these values;
    • ensuring the uniformity of measurements of time, frequency and parameters of the Earth’s rotation in the Russian Federation;
    • technical support for the continuous operation of the SSTF equipment systems in order to prevent failures in determining, reproducing and transmitting the values of the national time, reference frequencies and parameters of the Earth’s rotation to consumers;
    • coordination of research activities of the participants of the SSTF;
    • implementation of international cooperation and fulfillment of international obligations of Russia (including towards the CIS member states) to ensure the functioning of the SSTF;
    • development and improvement of the reference base.
Optical Frequency Standard
Optical Frequency Standard
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