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Research department of acousto-optical measurements and laser optoelectronics (NIO-9)

The Research Department of Acousto-Optical Measurements and Laser Optoelectronics (NIO-9) is a structural subdivision of FSUE "VNIIFTRI’ and the head organization of Russia, performing works in the field of metrological support for developments in acousto-optics, acoustoelectronics and laser optoelectronics.

The main functions of the department:

  • metrological support of measurements in the field of information and telecommunication technologies;
  • metrological support of measurements in the field of EPR spectroscopy;
  • design and development of the elementary and technological base of acousto-optic measuring equipment;
  • maintenance of the State primary standard of units for measurement volumes of transmitted digital information via internet and telephony (GET 200 — 2012);
  • maintenance of the State primary standard of the unit of the number of paramagnetic centers in the range 1014 — 1018 (GET 83-2017);
  • maintenance of state working standards.

Key objectives of NIO-9:

  • investigation of the properties of piezoelectric materials promising for high-temperature acoustics, acousto-optics, microelectronics and optoelectronics, development of tables of standard reference data (GSSSD), development of technology for their processing, creation of sensors of various physical quantities on their basis;
  • development of acoustic and spectral-optical methods and means of monitoring the technological safety of oil and gas production operations, storage and transportation;
  • development and metrological certification of acoustic receivers and sensors-analyzers operating in a wide frequency (40 Hz — 800 kHz) and temperature (- 0 ÷ 650) ° C ranges;
  • development and creation of acousto-optic spectrometers and video monochromators of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared ranges (from 0.25 microns to 4.8 microns), intended for remote sensing of the Earth from satellites and aircraft carriers;
  • development and creation of measuring and analyzing equipment for various purposes on the basis of acousto-optical filters:
    • optical alcohol meters;
    • monochromators and acousto-optic filters;
    • spectrometers with electronic tuning for monitoring plasma-chemical processes;
    • color analyzers;
    • dichrographs;
    • spectrophotometers;
    • acousto-optic modulators and deflectors;
  • carrying out tests for the purpose of type approval of measuring instruments, verification and calibration of measuring instruments for the duration of connections and volumes of information during data transmission and measuring instruments for parameters of analog and digital television:
    • systems for measuring the duration of connections (SIDS, SPUS, APUS);
    • systems for measuring the amount of information and volumes of transmitted data (SIPD);
    • equipment for switching and routing packets; analyzers of the transport stream MPEG-2 / MPEG-4.
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