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Research department of metrology for development and operation of metrological supporting means for coordinate-temporal and navigation systems (NIO-8)

The Research Department of Metrology for the Development and Operation of Supporting Means for Time Positioning and Navigation Systems (NIO-8) is a structural subdivision of FSUE «VNIIFTRI», which performs works on metrological support, standardization and certification in terms of coordinate-temporal and navigation measuring instruments.

The main functions of the department:

  • maintaining the technical and operational readiness of the standard base, including — primary and secondary standards, as well as — means of metrological support of the GLONASS system;
  • conducting calibration and verification of geometric, coordinate-temporal, radio engineering and gravimetric measuring instruments;
  • carrying out tests for the purpose of type approval for geometric, coordinate-temporal, radio engineering and gravimetric measuring instruments;
  • carrying out research in the field of geometrical, coordinate-temporal, radio engineering and gravimetric measurements, the development of measuring instruments, as well as their metrological support;
  • carrying out metrological examination, development and certification of measurement procedures in the field of activity of NIO;
  • certification tests of products (including — in terms of individual requirements for C (U) VEOS ERA- GLONASS);
  • performance of high-precision electrochemical, chemical and technological processing of details and components;
  • interaction with international organizations in the field of satellite navigation to ensure compatibility and interoperability of GNSS.

Key objectives of NIO-8:

  • carrying out fundamental and applied research aimed at improving the system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements for coordinate-temporal, radio engineering, geophysical and rangefinder measuring instruments from the existing (GLONASS system, microwave navigation systems) and promising (correlation-extreme systems that complement the sources of navigation information) navigation systems, systems for monitoring parameters of navigation fields, navigation equipment of consumers;
  • development of means and methods for metrological support of existing and future navigation aids in the field of transport, including unmanned vehicles and digital transport;
  • development of means and methods for metrological support of digital infrastructure in terms of geodetic, rangefinder and gravimetric means;
  • development of means and methods for metrological support of coordinate systems and their components;
  • development of promising geophysical measuring instruments;
  • participation in the activities of international organizations in the field of satellite navigation: the International Committee on GNSS and the Russian-Chinese Committee for Strategic Cooperation Projects in the Field of Satellite Navigation.
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