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Research department of physical,chemical and electrical measurements (NIO-6)

The Research Department of Physicochemical and Electrical Measurements (NIO-6) is one of the structural division of FSUE «VNIIFTRI». The NIO-6 conducts the metrological study of the physicochemical measurements and provides the metrological support in this area.

The main activities of the NIO-6:

- Scientific and technical activities, scientific and methodological guidance and coordination of the work on the types of measurements assigned to the NIO-6:

  • electrochemical measurements (pH, pX, coulometry);
  • electrical measurements;
  • measurements of dispersed parameters of aerosols, suspensions and powdery materials, including zeta potential;
  • measurements of air ion parameters;
  • measurements of parameters of dissolved gases  in liquid media;
  • measurements of parameters of inorganic components in aqueous solutions;
  • measurements of meteorological parameters of the atmosphere;
  • measurements based on quantum effects in superconductors;
  • thermophysical and temperature measurements;
  • measurements of the traverse speed of vehicles,
- Participation in international cooperation and representation the country in different organizations in the types of measurements assigned to the NIO-6.
Buffer solutions of VNIIFTRI
Buffer solutions of VNIIFTRI

Strategic objectives of the NIO-6:

  • Maintenance and development of state standards (etalons) of physicochemical and electrical units;
  • Carry out fundamental and applied research aimed at improving the system for ensuring the uniformity of physicochemical measurements in Russia and to advance the international comparability, as well as study on macroscopic quantum effects in superconductors to solve the tasks to improve an accuracy and a stability of the measurements of the primary standards (etalons). Development of methods and measuring instruments, allowing to establish the traceability of physicochemical and electrical measurements to SI units or to the corresponding primary standards.
  • Development of the standards (etalons), reference standards (including measures and reference materials) and measuring instruments to measure the physicochemical and electrical parameters.
  • Provide the services of calibration and attestation of the relative standards, as well as calibration and verification of the relative measuring instruments;
  • Development of legal metrology documents for physicochemical and electrical measurements area;
  • Organization and participation in international comparisons;
  • Organization and participation in joint research in the field of metrology with Russian, Regional and International Metrological Organizations.

The NIO-6 provides the metrological services:

  • Calibration and verification of standards and measuring instruments in the measurement spheres assigned to the NIO-6 in accordance with the VNIIFTRI accreditation scope;
  • Tests for type approval of measuring instruments in the measurement spheres assigned to the NIO-6 in accordance with the VNIIFTRI accreditation scope;
  • Certification of cleanrooms;
  • Development and production of reference materials, auxiliary measuring instruments for the measurement spheres assigned to the NIO-6;
  • Production of standard titers and buffer solutions of the Class I and II;
  • Production of particle size reference materials;
  • Production of mono-element, multi-element and matrix reference materials.
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