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The pilot production technical center (PPTC)

From its establishment in 1961, the Pilot Production Facility, located on the VNIIFTRI premises, was a separate entity until 2007 when it was affiliated to VNIIFTRI and renamed as the Pilot Production Technical Center (PPTC). Since the beginning, the main objective of the Pilot Production Facility has been to build and support the set of state standards operated by VNIIFTRI and to manufacture measuring instruments developed at its departments.

The current product range of VNIIFTRI numbers about 90 types of products, including six devices that are serially produced at the PPTC.

The devices and equipment made by VNIIFTRI are used by Russian and foreign customers in developing new types of products and metrological support as part of the operation of complex systems and technological processes and in upgrading the equipment in use. The items manufactured by VNIIFTRI are similar in quality to best foreign analogs, and this allows VNIIFTRI to increase its participation in the state program on import substitution. Improvements to the production processes and technological capabilities will in the future help to increase the market share of domestic precision devices.

Assembly of electronic components
Assembly of electronic components

The main functions and objectives of the PPTC are the following:

  • to support the activity of the VNIIFTRI departments and branches in terms of:
    • development, production and upgrading of the units and components of standards and measuring instruments;
    • repair of measuring instruments, devices and radio electronics.
  • to provide technical support for the production and testing as well as starting-up and adjusting of products developed as part of scientific research and experimental design works;
  • to carry out experimental design works to develop measuring instruments, devices and their elements;
  • to organize serial and pilot production of measuring instruments and accompanying products;
  • to support scientific research and experimental design works carried out by VNIIFTRI departments and branches in terms of breadboarding (prototyping) and pilot production of developed products, including technological support for the production;
  • to organize the supply of measuring instruments to enterprises, as well as warranty and post-warranty service and repair.

The PPTC has modern automated design and breadboarding workbenches, a modern production base with about 100 pieces of machinery (including with numerical control), and modern inspection workbenches (including automated ones) for intermediate and final control of the parameters of products.

A waterjet cutting machine
A waterjet cutting machine

The PPTC departments are located in several production buildings with a total area of 2000 square meters. The activity of the PPTC and its structural units is carried out in accordance with the VNIIFTRI quality management system, and all products undergo quality control.

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